A new message
from Gromblar:

Dis is da story of Gromblar and Janice, and ur gonna be da one ta rite it! Download da templates heer, get ta drawin, den send us da finished page! We be pickin a page ta be apart of da comic, and befur ya kno et, da hole cummunitee be apart of da finished ting.

Sum free tings ta halp



Arddist Guydelinez

  1. Page submissions should be tweeted as responses to the prompt or we won’t see them
  2. Page designs must follow previous pages with some form of continuity (goblin logic!)
  3. Other than the overall page size - which should be 2751x4147 @ 400dpi - artists are welcome to use the templates provided above, but don’t have to!
  4. Remember that goblins are, at heart, loving creatures (even if they’re weird and gross about it). Hate iz a big fat sticky no-no.
  5. Please do not kill off established characters (at least, not the good ones).

Hey! Peemember, Gobs…

There are lotsa young gobs out there who are playin’ along wit us. This makes some sense, since the gross, crass humor of goblintown tends toward middle-school! We'd only do it as a last resort, but if an illustration or dialogue goes over the cliffs of gobriety, we might either ask the artist for edits or outright squish-squash a submission.

Voder Guydelinez

  1. The most upvoted submission in the submission thread will be selected as the next page of the comic (pending approval from the TROOF teem).
  2. The selected submission will be added to the site and used as the prompt for the next page.
  3. Voters can upvote as many submissions as they’d like.
  5. Typically, each submission period will last 7 days

In the interest of keeping up a dialogue across the curtain and letting Bagfasehed out of the basement from time to time, we might decide to interject pages now and again.